Coast 2 Coast Justice

Welcome to Coast 2 Coast Justice. We are glad to present to you a high performance police role-playing community for GTA V on the PC using LSPDFR.

Our community is always working on our vision to take role-play to the extreme. To meet this vision, we offer many different departments including but not limited to the California Highway Patrol, Los Angeles County Sheriff, Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles County Fire / Rescue, EMS and Lifeguard for GTA V. Don't have GTA V? That's okay! Join our Motorola TriCom Dispatching Division!

Here at Coast 2 Coast Justice we hold all of our members to the highest of standards. Our patrols contain professionalism, seriousness, and modern policing techniques with some of our members being in law enforcement in real life.

Are you interested in our community? Then continue to our Recruitment Application. Once your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by our Recruitment Team. If you're accepted you will receive a reply on your application within 12 hours of it being submitted.

Your next step will be an interview with our Recruitment Team in the Teamspeak 3 application. If you meet the requirements set forth by our community, you will attend our newly revamped Law Enforcement Roleplay Academy.

Our community values your interest in Police Roleplay. We hope to make everyone that walks through our doors experience the best roleplaying experience possible and be able to better develop their skills. If you are up for the challenge, we are here and await you.

Coast 2 Coast Justice does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual preference, sexual orientation or national origin. C2CJ has an Open Door Policy in each department.

Thank you,

Our Division of Directors,

Director, Todd B.

Deputy Director, Caleb W.


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