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Coast 2 Coast Justice  -  A Law Enforcement Role-Playing Community for GTA IV and GTA V PC!
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We are a police role-play community founded in May of 2014 as Liberty Metro Law Enforcement (LMLE) playing GTA IV LCPDFR. Then around December of 2014 we changed our community name to Coast 2 Coast Justice to be more suitable with GTA V and was looking forward to the January release date that was then delayed to the end of spring.

We have been under the same Director since we opened, which has provided stability with in the community. We have hit some bumps in the road along the way, but have always came out on top. Other Communities have tried to bring us down but with the loyalty and dedication of our Director, Command Staff and most of all our Members we have stood tall and proud of our community through out it.

Coast 2 Coast Justice is like a big family, some members and command staff have been friends for over five years. With putting first, Dedication, Determination, and Hard Work is the key to what has brought us this far, and will continue to keep us one step above the others. You reap what you sow,