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  3. Nick Rossi

    MVA Scenario Training

    We will be going over how to work an MVA, topics will include; radio traffic, vehicle placement, officer safety, taking statements, and filing reports. I will also go over the tow truck script in case anyone hasn't learned how to tow vehicles yet. Please RSVP on the left side of this page so I have a head count. We need a minimum of 4 in order for this to work. FD is strongly encouraged to attend. - Sgt. Rossi
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  5. Director Kipp

    Tri-Com Eval Deadline

    All Eval test are due This Saturday. Any reports are also due.
  6. Todd B

    FiveM ESX Server Development News

    Mods Added or WIP 12/11/2018 | Added - vMenu | WIP 12/11/2018 | Added - Scene Menu Traffic Policer | https://forum.fivem.net/t/scene-menu-traffic-policer/193065 | Complete 12/11/2018 | Added - 2011 Ford CVPI PPV | Complete 12/11/2018 | Added - 2006 Ford CVPI PPV with Rotator Lights | WIP 12/11/2018 | Added - Security Cams | https://forum.fivem.net/t/scene-menu-traffic-policer/193065 | WIP 12/11/2018 | Added - Adjusted 0-60 on all Ford CVPI PPV's to correct 0-60 | Complete 12/11/2018 | Added - Adjusted complete handling on all Chargers to real life | Complete 12/09/2018 | Added - Christmas Theme (ymap) | Complete 12/02/2018 | Added - Police Interaction Script | https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-police-interaction-script/155868 | Complete
  7. This Topic has information regarding Coast 2 Coast Justice FiveM Server. Including new mods added, changes and updates. 12/11/2018 - I wanted to keep the members informed of updates, added mods and current status of our FiveM server. As of this morning, I have removed all 3 of our developers from access to our FiveM server. This was done due to NO ONE doing anything productive or helping fix any issues our Fire guys and Civs have been having regarding Fire having to go to the city to spawn vehicles and uniforms to prepare for patrols. They still do not have access to any of the tools required to do their job in the game. I have worked diligently trying myself to correct these issues and have reached outside that community for help with this and even offered payment to outside devs to assist me with this, and to no avail. Our Civilians do not have access to all of the jobs on our server as they have not been finished or configured by the devs. Although we do have several working jobs, more than some Life Servers out there some of the more interesting and cool jobs are not. I have been trying to get these and other issues corrected for the past 5 months. I have put in sometimes 20 plus hours a day on the development side of our server, watching YouTube tutorials on how to configure this issues and trial and error, and still can't figure it out. Somethings I have requested for a change to better fit the needs of our Emergency Service members like allowing the sheriff peds to show a weapon in the holster, change the faces of the emergency service peds so everyone doesn't have the same character in the game. Another thing was when you join the server you will be wearing and remain the same ped as when you left the server, a complete description of each civ job and how to do it, list of keybindings written in a help file that can be accessed by typing /help in game or on our in-game tablet with CAD access as well as configuring our server to interact with our Sauce CAD so dispatch will see a pop up of robberies and car thefts , then dispatch the correct agency to do the job,. I have given up on getting those issues fixed and will be installing the vMenu Trainer for Emergency Service members in the game. This will be limited to only the necessities that will allow a temporary fix to the earlier issues I spoke of regarding Fire and Sheriff. There will be only one type of vehicle-free spawn on the trainer as to protect the integrity of our Life Server and make people purchase vehicles in the dealership register the plate and type of vehicle in the CAD like all other Civs. This is to allow civ's, law enforcement and random players a mode of transportation to their job area without having to walk or steal a car. No Clipping, God Mode for ped or vehicle and any other modifications to vehicles will be turned off on the trainer to protect the integrity of our Life Server. Only ped customization will be allowed and some add on's for weapons like flashlight attachment. This is the best I can do for you because of my limited knowledge of Lua and C# coding. So I have been working for you guys and have worked hard and put hundreds of hours into the operation of our FiveM server along with other going back to when we had VRP FiveM. ESX is more difficult but well worth the time put into it when you finish. It's like comparing PS2 (VRP) to XBOX 1 (ESX) no comparison.
  8. Nick Rossi

    Sheriff Eval Deadline

    All deputies must complete their mandatory eval by this time.
  9. Director Caleb W.


    Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) a few weeks ago.
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  11. Aidan P.

    Community Meeting

    Regular Community meeting schedule
  12. Alex T

    CAD Link

    New CAD - CAD Community ID: CoastJustice
  13. Alex T

    Roster Link

    Roster Link
  14. Coast 2 Coast Justice Reopening Meeting 12/05/2018 Welcome / Introduction Introduce the new Director team Re-introduce department heads Old members will need to reapply, we are doing an entire overhaul TeamSpeak Overhaul New tags Channels re-done Patrol channel changes New Website Invision platform Same url : www.c2cj.com Alex is leading the website so advise him of any bugs New TS tag syncing system - Hand over to Alex to explain New Discord Invite : discord.gg/hhY5QJQ Aidan will be managing it so advise him of any bugs Heavier reliance on Discord - Check often FiveM Server Upgrades Fixed many prior bugs & glitches New cosmetics such as loading screen & cars coming soon Community Roster https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WqiZAoS5T0PBChLIO4e6FzZBjk1xB6kN9App8PgmY2M/edit?usp=sharing New format New punishment system “strikes” Admin signature system Hot Seat *Check this frequently* New Admin system implementing New CAD System - See TS Media Relations Revamp coming soon - Caleb will be leading that up Sheriff Department changes are in the works - Hand over to Todd Fire Department changes are in the works - Hand over to Teadle New ban appeal system - Hand over to Justin Community Handbook Same handbook but new link & revision https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Hk0J7Y8SqVO5x8XGmQoS8MM-7WsV7L4B8WhSd0wkZMA/edit?usp=sharing New Recruitment Services SOP Justin is overseeing RS Link : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TsxnRiB2ZLyEyvX8sdjGa082u7UAed7FJkaQFklHVAs/edit?usp=sharing Meetings will be scheduled for the 1st Wednesday of every month. Refer to the website calendar for more info! From Todd: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/12DLm-8doSzJw-Ss3N3kOnigXxHuUlFoWe5a23i5JcV4/edit#slide=id.p3
  15. Justin J.

    Community Handbook

    Coast 2 Coast Justice Roleplay Community Community Handbook 2018 Last Updated: 12/05/2018 Purpose This handbook will serve as a generalized listing of the rules and regulations pertaining to the Coast 2 Coast Justice Roleplay Community in regards to its member and their conduct. Article I – Rank Structure Directors Director Deputy Director Assistant Deputy Director Assistant Director of Technical Operations Assistant Director of Supplemental Support Assistant Director of Community Operations TriCom (911 Communications) Control Director Control Deputy Director Control Supervisor Control Operator III Control Operator II Control Operator I Control Probationary Operator Los Angeles County Sheriff Sheriff Deputy Chief of Sheriff Assistant Sheriff Area Commander Administration Clerk Major Captain Lieutenant Staff Sergeant Sergeant Corporal Master Deputy Senior Deputy Deputy Reserve Deputy Cadet Los Angeles County Fire/EMS Fire Chief Deputy Fire Chief Fire Captain Fire Lieutenant Life Guard Supervisor Life Flight Supervisor Firefighter EMT-P EMT-B Volunteer Firefighter Probationary Firefighter Civilian Operations Civilian Manager Civilian Supervisor Civilian Civilian Reserve Probationary Civilian Article II – Forum Polices Member Forum Policy As a community, we want to represent and establish ourselves as a thriving and professional community. One way to do this is by keeping our website clean. Please follow all rules when creating or replying to a forum post. All posts should be related to the forum section it is created within. All posts need to be neatly typed and utilize proper grammar. When replying to a post, the reply needs to be related and relevant to the post. All posts and replies should be respectful. Resignation letters should be placed and processed within the proper section and all necessary formats shall be used. Staff Forum Policy All staff members (sergeants and staff sergeants) need to adhere to the rules written above as well as the ones included in this section. All posts that are official news and announcements should be locked unless members will need to reply to it. Staff members should not post any announcements or special releases that the Directors may seem classified to the community without prior approval. All posts must have a title and contain correct grammar, sentence structure and be free from errors. Posts should include thoughtful paragraphs and include all information and details. Article III – Disrespect, Bullying & Harassment As an online gaming community, Coast 2 Coast Justice has been established to promote a fun environment where young teens and adults from around the world can meet, socialize, and patrol together- regardless of backgrounds. This environment is not to be infected with disrespect, bullying or harassment. Zero Tolerance Policy: Any member who “picks on” or “makes fun of” another member because of their sex, race, sexual orientation, political opinions and/or religious views will be removed from the community. All members are equal and anyone found to be breaking that principle will be brought to the Directors and face possible termination of membership. Disrespect is defined as, but not limited to, name calling, slandering, cursing at someone, starting rumors, making someone “feel low”, not following a superior's orders, etc. Disrespect is considered a one (1) time offense. Multiple occurrences of disrespect will be considered bullying. Bullying is defined as a repeated offense of intimidation or forcing someone to do something they do not wish to do. Using any special permissions you may possess must not be used in a negligent method or towards other community members Harassment is repeatedly acting aggressive or intimidating towards one specific person. Arguing verbally and/or via text chat is prohibited. If an argument is started a member of staff is to be notified immediately. It is expected for any members involved or witnessing parties to report any fights to administration. Do not try to mitigate the situation yourself. Stay out of it. Article IV – Rules Community Rules Follow all rules, procedures, and policies that are found within this handbook. Listen to your superiors and follow their directions Learn, remember and follow chain of command at all times During a patrol, be professional at all times Do not use foul or abusive language in any public communication channel Do not talk about opinionated topics in lounges such as politics, elections, etc. Be honest and trustworthy Once a document or any creative property has been made for C2CJ, it is then forfeited to the Directors. Once our name is put on it, it is our property, regardless of the creator TeamSpeak Rules Do not give out the TeamSpeak information to anyone Do not misuse a channel for any reason Do not misuse permissions you have received Do not whisper to the server for any reason (Directors Only) Do not set up private whispers to server members (Directors Only) Do not use global server chat (Administration & Directors Only) Do not spam poke, message, or move someone or a channel Always attempt to message someone before poking them Be aware of what is happening in your channel Your teamspeak name must match your in game name Your teamspeak name must be your name and unit number, as listed on the roster Do not stay AFK in a lounge, use the appropriate AFK channel Do not use file browsers or change channel permissions Do not exploit any bugs or glitches. You are expected to report any to the Directors Do not use soundboards in public channels and where posted. Screamers are included No recording in public or private channels. Recordings must be done through Media Relations and be completely consensual Your disconnect message must be appropriate and not include any cursing or racism Do not have an inappropriate avatar or anything a member might deem offensive You must give a VALID reason to kick or ban anyone and present a legitament reason to a higher ranking officer if requested Channel/Offices are not to be used to conduct private conversation between oneself or any group of individuals unless otherwise authorized by a member of administration or higher. These offices are simply for handling business. Teamspeak users should in no way put any form of characters or letters that are out of place just to bump them up in a channel. Department Transfers Those seeking to transfer between departments within the community should fill out the application found on the website and must meet ALL of the following criteria: Member must have been in their current department for a minimum of 30 days The head of both the department the member is transferring from and the department the member is transferring to must agree to the transfer. Any member who is allowed to transfer into another department will transfer into that department at an entry level rank unless otherwise approved by the Directors. Transfer terms may also change on a case to case basis at the discretion of the Directors Applicant Requirements All applicants seeking to become a member of the Coast to Coast Justice Role-play Community must meet the following minimum requirements: Applicants must be no younger than 15 (fifteen) years of age Applicants must be able to speak fluent and understandable English without difficulty An Enjin profile must be at least 2 weeks past their creation date before submitting an application (case to case basis) Applicants must possess a good, quality microphone for use on the TeamSpeak and in any game servers Applicants should be able to attend at least two (2) of the 3 official patrols held each week Applicants may not be a member of another Grand Theft Auto V (GTA) related community Any applications found to be contradictory to one of the minimum rules set above or specific rules set for each division will be rejected and a message stating such rejection will be posted on the comment section of the application. Article V – Promotions and Inactivity Inactivity For every official patrol a member misses, they will be given a red ‘X’. Upon receiving three (3) red ‘X’s and then missing the next official patrol, the member will be considered inactive and will lose all their rights and privileges at Coast 2 Coast Justice If a member whom has a red ‘X’ attends an official patrol, one (1) red ‘X’ will be removed from the member’s TeamSpeak tags for each separate official patrol the member attends after having received any number of red ‘X’s. If you aren’t able to get into the game or TeamSpeak for more than three (3) days, post an Leave of Absence (LOA) on the forums. Blue X’s will be issued for excused absences only. This is not a punishment, but simply an attendance marker for staff to use Promotions The requirements for promotions differ from department to department and are routinely reviewed and changed to promote fairness and encourage activity. Please check with your direct supervisor(s) to find out the current promotion requirements or check your department’s standard operating procedures Article VI – Communication Channels Patrol Channel Rules Radio Traffic Only (RTO) should be observed at all times. Whispers should be set up and used properly while in your channel While on duty, you must stay within your patrol car and not leave unless directed to by your supervisor or dispatch Patrols should only be conducted in approved patrol channels only Professional role-play should be observed within any patrol channel Issues, complaints, or reprimandations should not be handled in any patrol area and should wait until after the game General Policies Chain of Command Do not skip through ranks unless directly authorized to by the desired rank/person Do not skip ranks even though that the next high rank member may solve your problem. Your chain of command will alert the proper channels Do not question or challenge descions made by staff, administration, or the directors Do not ask staff, administration, or the directors for promotions Do not lie to any staff members, administrators, or directors under any circumstance Sergeants & Staff Sergeants are Supervisors Request a 10-60 to the directors Coach other deputies Check if the vehicle structure is followed Aid in supervision of their districts and perform basic teamspeak moderation Will have a department supervisor tag with special permissions Impersonating a Supervisor will result in the following punishment or may vary based upon the severity of the situation and/or persistence of problem with member(s): Seven (7) day suspension Probation Fire lieutenant and captain ranks are supervisors only for the fire department Ranks that are higher than the mentioned above are considered Command Staff and will have the Department Command Staff tag. Do not try to enforce the rules if you are not staff. If a rule is broken, contact a member of staff. Staff may not staff another staff member. You must contact their and your superiors Privacy & Information Sharing of any personal information including but not limited to: sexual orientation, lifestyle, race, financial status etc. is forbidden. Any information that you decided to share will be at your own risk and C2CJ will not be responsible Miscellaneous Ranks are considered a privilege. Abusing your rank will result in a demotion Forming any groups or cliques within the community is prohibited Do not join any C2CJ platform while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics Do not distribute any C2CJ files or documents unless you are cleared to do so by administration Do not distribute or sell any services or items which on any C2CJ platform Executive Actions: Executive Order 1 If you announce you are resigning from the community, even if you are crying wolf and even if you have not posted a resignation. Are subject to ban on the spot without notice. Executive Order 2 All ranks higher than sergeant are required to be at 2 non official and 2 official patrols per week unless notifying their superior with plans changed. Arrangements should be made to make up lost time in that case. 2 official patrols and 2 non-official patrols equals about 5-8 hrs per week. If you cannot fulfill this then you need to make sure you have someone cover for you. If you will be gone for 3 days or more, you must go LOA to save your position. Executive Order 3 All members LOA's will only be for a max of 3 weeks. Anything after that will forfeit your ranks, tags, and privileges and you will have to reapply to the community. That goes for all members. Deaths and illness will be excused providing proof when you return. Executive Order 4 If you are responsible for a member resigning by breaking a policy within C2CJ you will be banned for 14 days and possibly issued a permanent ban. Handbook updated and approved by Deputy Director Caleb W.
  16. Aidan P.

    (Closed) Moderator Application

    Places: 100

    Applicants: 4

    This application is to apply for the staff team here at c2cj! You start off at the moderator position and can work your way up to Senior Admin. Application Format: (Please copy the format and paste to fill out your application!) Name: Rank in current dept: What does an admin do (in your own words)? Why should we choose you over any other applicants? Are you able to maintain activity consistently (excluding LOA's)?
  17. Aidan P.

    Community Meeting 9PM EST

    This meeting is mandatory for all members, it will be recorded but if you want to retain membership with the community please plan to be there! Meeting will go over the whole revamp within the community.
  18. Alex T


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