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  • Welcome to LACFD



    LACFD is a very professional department striving to provide the best emergency service to the community.

    Members of the Fire Department work 24/7 around the clock

    The fire department is based around one chief and one deputy chief. Fire department members are constantly training to keep their mind up to date.  Each captain is responsible for reporting any information to the battalion chief. The Battalion Chief will notify the Deputy Chief who will then notify the Chief.

    We currently have 3 active stations. Station 1, Station 2 and Station 3, Station 1 is in the city near the oil fields. Station 2 in on Davies street. Station 3 is located in sandy.

    We currently operate with Medic 11 (Ambulance), Squad 1 (Chiefs Tahoe) Engine 5 (Main Pumper) Engine 2 ( Reserve Pumper) Rescue 3, Tower 1, Tanker 13 and a Heavy Rescue.


    If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch with a Fire Department Officer. They will gladly help you out with what ever task or question you have. We our thankful to serve everyone in city/county.


    The Fire department has the tools and main power to help with any situation every single day. If you think you can handle the day to day operations we go through do not hesitate to apply. 

  • Chain of Command

    Fire Chief Teadle
    Deputy Fire Chief Vacant
    Battalion Chief Vacant

    Fire Captain of Training Ethan
    Fire Captain of Operations Vacant

    Fire Lieutenant Vacant
    Fire Lieutenant Vacant

    Fire Lieutenant of EMS Vacant


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