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    Los Angeles County Sheriff


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    Sheriff - Todd B.


    The County Sheriff's is the oldest law enforcement known in the common law system

    and has been accorded with great dignity and high trust.



    To preserve, protect and earn the respect for the Department of the "Los Angeles County Sheriff, & the  citizens of LAC.

    To be a unified voice addressing local, state, and federal lawmakers on criminal justice issues and laws.

    To Improve public awareness of criminal justice issues.

    To study emerging common criminal justice issues.

    To maintain a close working relationship with LACFD and the U.S. Coast Guard on issues of mutual concern.

    To provide a centralized body through which prompt cooperation may be had with other public officials and bodies

    in the performance of their duties.

    To provide immediate support to all law enforcement officers, and their respective agencies in times of need.


    Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Administration Staff is willing to assist you in your goal to become a part of LACP and help you experience what it's like to be a real deputy. LASD has an open door policy with its entire staff.

    Come see one of our Administration Staff for any questions or interest in joining the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department.


    Los Angeles County Sheriff S.O.P.

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    • Hello Members, the Board of Directors met Sunday night and discussed overall inactivity with all members new and current. We discussed members and command staff that do not follow the policies and procedures that they agreed to when they chose Coast 2 Coast Justice as their gaming community.  That would be,  all command staff and department heads be on four patrols per week and non command staff attend three patrols per week.  We adopted returning to our "X" system and "Official" and "Non Official Patrols".  It's like taking attendance every night. If you receive four "Red X's" you will be brought before the board of directors and possibly removed from the community or placed on probation for two weeks.  We have members that are  on everyday that have jobs, we don't see why someone cant make at least two to four patrols in a seven day period. If you receive an "X" it will drop off the next patrol you attend. So keep it under four please. This is put in place to better the community with some discipline with attendance so members will have an adequate amount of people in game so we all can enjoy playing together. It a lot more fun with twelve to fifteen in game verses 3.  This goes into effect Monday April 15th 2019. OFFICIAL PATROL TUESDAY NIGHT'S AT 9:00 PM EST OFFICIAL PATROL FRIDAY NIGHT'S AT 9 PM EST OFFICIAL PATROL SATURDAY NIGHT'S AT 9 PM EST ALL OTHER DAYS ARE NON OFFICIAL PATROLS AND BLUE "X's" will be given out on those night for missed. And BRIGHT RED one's for Official Patrols missed. 
    • Coast 2 Coast Justice Board of Directors is made up of an in game active head of each department and the chairman/community director, with the second in command of a department as a sub if the head is not available at time of meeting. Here you will find meeting agendas, idea's and decisions made by the Board. Members: Community Director and Board Chairman - Todd B. | 101 Board Representative from LACFD - Will W. | Car 1  Board Representative from LA Life Civilian - Michael S.  Board Representative from TriCom Dispatch - Nathan B. | C100
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