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    Los Angeles County Police

    Sheriff - Todd B.

    The County Sheriff's is the oldest law enforcement known in the common law system

    and has been accorded with great dignity and high trust.



    To preserve, protect and earn the respect for the Department of the "Los Angeles County Sheriff, & the citizens of LAC.

    To be a unified voice addressing local, state, and federal lawmakers on criminal justice issues and laws.

    To Improve public awareness of criminal justice issues.

    To study emerging common criminal justice issues.

    To maintain a close working relationship with LACFD and the U.S. Coast Guard on issues of mutual concern.

    To provide a centralized body through which prompt cooperation may be had with other public officials and bodies

    in the performance of their duties.

    To provide immediate support to all law enforcement officers, and their respective agencies in times of need.

    Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Administration Staff is willing to assist you in your goal to become a part of LACP and help you experience what it's like to be a real deputy. LASD has an open door policy with its entire staff.

    Message one of our Administration Staff for any questions or interest in joining the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department.

    Los Angeles County Police S.O.P.

  • Upcoming Events

    • 13 December 2018 09:00 PM
      We will be going over how to work an MVA, topics will include; radio traffic, vehicle placement, officer safety, taking statements, and filing reports. I will also go over the tow truck script in case anyone hasn't learned how to tow vehicles yet. 
      Please RSVP on the left side of this page so I have a head count. We need a minimum of 4 in order for this to work. FD is strongly encouraged to attend.
      - Sgt. Rossi
    • 24 December 2018
      All deputies must complete their mandatory eval by this time.
    • 29 December 2018
      All Eval test are due This Saturday.
      Any reports are also due. 
    • 03 January 2019 01:00 AM
      Regular Community meeting schedule
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    • In the fire deparment we strive to provide a very serious and professional team. With that in mind we want our members to be the best and in order to become that title they must see the best from the best. The fire department has a mentor system for new fire/ems members. Each member will go through this phase before becoming a Fire Fighter 1.   TO VIEW THE DOCUMENT CLICK HERE     Thanks  Teadle Los Angeles County Fire Chief
    • You can view the current up to date fire department policies/SOPS here       Thanks   Teadle Los Angeles County Fire Chief
    • Hello Everyone, With our new website there is a new future called warning points. This is how we will keep track of all discipline in the community.     First offense - Verbal warning   Second Offense - Written Warning   Third Offense - Suspension / Lose access to forums for certain time given by your Command Staff   Fourth Offense - Termination from your current department(You may join another   Fifth Offense - Banned from C2CJ
    • With introduction of new more realistic policies, we brought up the use of actual reports for calls involving civilians and other departments. With this being said, I am introducing the updated incident report form. Please follow the steps below to file a report.   1) Make a copy of the document Report Template Link 2) Change the title to your unit number, the date, and the call ID. (401 12/12/18 ID:17) 3) Fill out the report and include witness statements. Google drive can be used from the steam web browser, so you can edit reports and witness statements while on scene. 4) Email to your direct supervisor for filing and approval. Any incorrectly written reports will be sent back for editing.   Supervisor contact list: 401 Sergeant Nick R. - nickrossi36@gmail.com   DO NOT REPLY TO THIS FORUM
    • Mods Added or WIP 12/11/2018 | Added - vMenu  | WIP 12/11/2018 | Added - Scene Menu Traffic Policer | https://forum.fivem.net/t/scene-menu-traffic-policer/193065 | Complete 12/11/2018 | Added - 2011 Ford CVPI PPV | Complete 12/11/2018 | Added - 2006 Ford CVPI PPV with Rotator Lights | WIP 12/11/2018 | Added - Security Cams | https://forum.fivem.net/t/scene-menu-traffic-policer/193065 | WIP 12/11/2018 | Added - Adjusted 0-60 on all Ford CVPI PPV's to correct 0-60 | Complete 12/11/2018 | Added - Adjusted complete handling on all Chargers to real life | Complete 12/09/2018 | Added - Christmas Theme (ymap) | Complete 12/02/2018 | Added - Police Interaction Script | https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-police-interaction-script/155868 | Complete