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  1. until
    Anyone interested in joining SWAT and is a deputy and above may attend this training. We will go over marksmanship, breaching, and multiple other SWAT related topics. Those who complete this training and performs to my standards will become a SWAT operative. Lt. Nick R. Special Weapons and Tactics Commander
  2. Nick R.

    Scenario Training

    Please select whether you're attending on the left, I hope to see many of you there. Please suggest different scenario ideas in the comments if you have any. - Sgt. Rossi
  3. We will be going over how to work an MVA, topics will include; radio traffic, vehicle placement, officer safety, taking statements, and filing reports. I will also go over the tow truck script in case anyone hasn't learned how to tow vehicles yet. Please RSVP on the left side of this page so I have a head count. We need a minimum of 4 in order for this to work. FD is strongly encouraged to attend. - Sgt. Rossi
  4. All deputies must complete their mandatory eval by this time.
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