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    FiveM ESX Server Development News

    Mods Added or WIP 12/11/2018 | Added - vMenu | WIP 12/11/2018 | Added - Scene Menu Traffic Policer | https://forum.fivem.net/t/scene-menu-traffic-policer/193065 | Complete 12/11/2018 | Added - 2011 Ford CVPI PPV | Complete 12/11/2018 | Added - 2006 Ford CVPI PPV with Rotator Lights | WIP 12/11/2018 | Added - Security Cams | https://forum.fivem.net/t/scene-menu-traffic-policer/193065 | WIP 12/11/2018 | Added - Adjusted 0-60 on all Ford CVPI PPV's to correct 0-60 | Complete 12/11/2018 | Added - Adjusted complete handling on all Chargers to real life | Complete 12/09/2018 | Added - Christmas Theme (ymap) | Complete 12/02/2018 | Added - Police Interaction Script | https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-police-interaction-script/155868 | Complete
  2. This Topic has information regarding Coast 2 Coast Justice FiveM Server. Including new mods added, changes and updates. 12/11/2018 - I wanted to keep the members informed of updates, added mods and current status of our FiveM server. As of this morning, I have removed all 3 of our developers from access to our FiveM server. This was done due to NO ONE doing anything productive or helping fix any issues our Fire guys and Civs have been having regarding Fire having to go to the city to spawn vehicles and uniforms to prepare for patrols. They still do not have access to any of the tools required to do their job in the game. I have worked diligently trying myself to correct these issues and have reached outside that community for help with this and even offered payment to outside devs to assist me with this, and to no avail. Our Civilians do not have access to all of the jobs on our server as they have not been finished or configured by the devs. Although we do have several working jobs, more than some Life Servers out there some of the more interesting and cool jobs are not. I have been trying to get these and other issues corrected for the past 5 months. I have put in sometimes 20 plus hours a day on the development side of our server, watching YouTube tutorials on how to configure this issues and trial and error, and still can't figure it out. Somethings I have requested for a change to better fit the needs of our Emergency Service members like allowing the sheriff peds to show a weapon in the holster, change the faces of the emergency service peds so everyone doesn't have the same character in the game. Another thing was when you join the server you will be wearing and remain the same ped as when you left the server, a complete description of each civ job and how to do it, list of keybindings written in a help file that can be accessed by typing /help in game or on our in-game tablet with CAD access as well as configuring our server to interact with our Sauce CAD so dispatch will see a pop up of robberies and car thefts , then dispatch the correct agency to do the job,. I have given up on getting those issues fixed and will be installing the vMenu Trainer for Emergency Service members in the game. This will be limited to only the necessities that will allow a temporary fix to the earlier issues I spoke of regarding Fire and Sheriff. There will be only one type of vehicle-free spawn on the trainer as to protect the integrity of our Life Server and make people purchase vehicles in the dealership register the plate and type of vehicle in the CAD like all other Civs. This is to allow civ's, law enforcement and random players a mode of transportation to their job area without having to walk or steal a car. No Clipping, God Mode for ped or vehicle and any other modifications to vehicles will be turned off on the trainer to protect the integrity of our Life Server. Only ped customization will be allowed and some add on's for weapons like flashlight attachment. This is the best I can do for you because of my limited knowledge of Lua and C# coding. So I have been working for you guys and have worked hard and put hundreds of hours into the operation of our FiveM server along with other going back to when we had VRP FiveM. ESX is more difficult but well worth the time put into it when you finish. It's like comparing PS2 (VRP) to XBOX 1 (ESX) no comparison.